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Our Total Wellness Partner

Welcome to Lakeshore Wellness Center

Your Holland Wellness Center

Optimal Balance = Feeling Your Best

At Lakeshore Wellness Center we don't guess...we assess.

Lakeshore Wellness Center, located in beautiful West Michigan, provides a combination of care that is doctor-directed and focuses on partnering with you for optimal health in a natural, hands-on, drug-free way. We want to allow your body to heal itself using therapies such as massage, cold laser therapy and functional medicine to bring your body into a sense of total well-being. We will design a completely individualized program utilizing a variety of affordable therapies and accurate testing to determine exactly what your body needs to maintain optimal balance and health.

Our total wellness partner Parkhurst Chiropractic has a team of chiropractic doctors, therapists and staff ready to help you reach your optimal balance and feel your best!. Please Email Us or call 616-392-9500 to receive the answers to your questions, concerns or symptoms from our experienced team.

 Lakeshore Wellness Center | 616-392-9500

372 Garden Ave
Holland, MI 49424

You Deserve To Be Healthy!

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